Marvin Harvey's "Shooting Lab" Tampa, Florida...

Yes... "Shooting Development" is the most important skill for Basketball Players to Learn and Improve on daily, but we do more than just shooting; we tie in all the other skills that improve you as a Basketball Player as well... from the NBA and WNBA, and International Players to College and High School Players, we have every thing a World-Class Basketball Player needs and more. Preparation and Training to reach your highest basketball goal, HSTA.

A player with goals, trains and prepares according to what he/she needs to reach those goals, provided the training and information required is available, and he/she does not need to settle for "better than nothing."

That is why Harvey's "Shooters Touch" Academy and the National Academy for Teaching Basketball were founded, for the best shooting and basketball training available, for the Pros, and those who aspire to be Pros.

Everything we do is Professional preparation. As young as five (5) years of age, we are training with Professional methods and techniques, broken down to that level. How can that be done? Twenty six plus years of study, growing up in a family that was expected to go to college, and did, to earn a college degree but, also became known as a "basketball family," college playing experience, NBA experience, mentoring under some of the most brilliant basketball minds of all time, and a God given gift and love for teaching, have shown Marvin Harvey how!


Chris Ward

Player Development Specialist 

On court instructor for players in The Basketball Academy and Pro Training Center at IMG Academies. Has extensive on-court experience working with NBA and high level college players. Works with Post graduate, high school and middle school players in The Basketball Academy throughout the year.

Athletic Director of “YO” – Youth Opportunity Development Program in Tampa, FL prior to IMG Academies.

Currently is the Associate Director of IMPACTS – a life skills development firm focusing on at-risk youth.

Played college basketball at TCU. Played professional basketball for seven seasons in Spain, Israel, Lebanon, Ireland, Phillipines, Mexico, Dominican Republic and the USBL.

Contact number: 813-323-3104


Johnson Sports Fitness

Athlete Performance and Personal Training

Johnston Fitness provides certified Performance, Strength & Conditioning and Speed Training to Professional, Collegiate, Amateur, High School, Teenage and Pre-teen Male and Female Athletes in all sports including:

Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Long Drive, Motorcross, Olympic Weightlifting, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Martial Arts,Wrestling, Diving, Gymnastics, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Sprinters, Marathon, Triathlete, Long Jump, High Jump, Middle Distance, and Cycling.

Website: http://www.jsftraining.us/